Out for an evening tandem ride tonight, time is catching up on us to get ready for the Alpine Classic on ! Even though we’ve entered to do the 85km baby version, I really think a little more practice was called for!

The gawks and stares and comments are hilarious, anyone would think that we’ve got two heads or something…. Some of the motorists look as though they’ll either drool into their own laps or swerve into a tree. So much for “Sorry Mate, Didn’t See You!”

Wonder of wonders, we managed to find — and follow — almost the entire length of the Rosstown rail-trail. All by accident too, heading out at around 18:30 meant that we didn’t want to ride into the traffic jam that is North road, so we dived off into random side streets. The rail-trail meanders along side-streets from Oakleigh to Elsternwick, sign-posted with varying degrees of helpfulness. Some of the signs we only found after going past an intersection, turning the wrong way, doing a u-turn, then coming back and seeing the sign for the opposite direction — and doing a u-turn on the tandem is no easy task!

Even more amazing, not a single yell of abuse from a motorist in two hours on the bike, maybe the tandem makes them smile a little more than normal.

One thing I did notice, this tandem riding is hard work! It seems that since both riders have to pedal in step, one can’t coast without the other. As a result, both tend to spin, and to spin without resting — lots more exercise!