Today 74.6km
Trip total 120km

There was a thunderstorm early last night and some heavy rain, but it all stopped later on. One obnoxious local appeared at the show ground sometime after the pub had closed and seemed to spend half the night walking around the campsite and screaming abuse. On and on he went to the tune of “You can ride a f’ing pushbike but you can’t ride a f’ing horse.” The main topic at breakfast being where the drunk local had been standing, nearly everyone in the camp thought he was directly outside their tent.

Drizzly rain started around four in the morning, then continued in a stop-start fashion throughout the day, settling in quite steadily at around two in the afternoon — just after Jo and I arrive in Dalgety and settled ourselves on the pub balcony, almost the only shelter in town.

There’s not a lot to the town of Dalgety, one pub, one café, a famous bridge and the showground. It was apparently one of the preferred sites for the Australian national capital, but lost out due to its remoteness — so for those people who think that Canberra is cold, just imagine what it could have been like!