Riding to work on a quiet Monday morning, it’s a public holiday, there’s hardly anyone on the roads. Riding to work should be easy today… Then as I approached one of the mini-roundabouts in Haughton road there were not one, but two motorists driving around it towards me!

One driving in the conventional manner, on the left hand side of the road, clockwise when seen from above, at about 40-50km/hr.

The other one was driving in a rather unconventional manner, he’d decided to be a dickhead and go screaming the wrong way around the roundabout to overtake.

End result, two motorists coming off the roundabout, side by side, one on either side of the road and both heading straight for me. Mr idiot in the black Alfa, in his nice suit and sunglasses, swerved with a great screech of tyres back onto his own side of the road and tore off past me. Mr ordinary in the car behind just shook his head and kept on going.