Ground Effect, 1; Australia Post, nil.

Following up on my missing parcel from , Ground Effect sent me a replacement, after asking for a different address. With some trepidation I gave them the home address, since every parcel that we’ve had delivered here since last October has been left lying on either the footpath or the front doorstep, not once, but every single time!

Sure enough, I got home this evening and there it was, sitting on the footpath just inside the front fence! Time for another enquiry to Australia Post, but I don’t hold much hope, after the last one I lodged they assured me that they took it seriously and would phone me back that afternoon… no surprise when they didn’t phone that afternoon or any time afterwards.

The day’s other customer service three ring circus was when I decided to give Canon a call. Some time after my camera zoom buttons broke over a year ago I’d asked a couple of camera shops if they could be repaired, they’d generally just shaken their heads and told me I’d need to get a new camera. Last week a cow-orker pointed out that the major Canon service centre is only a suburb or two away. Thinking I’d call first and find out if they can fix it, I look them up in the phone book, get the address, and call up to ask… dial 13 13 83, play voice-mail games, wait for a minute or two, get hung up on. Call again, this time the voice-mail is incredibly distorted and unintelligible, hang up. Call a third time, listen to the prompts, push the buttons, wait for five and a half minutes being told how important I am, and finally get to speak to a person. “Bring it in so they can look at it and tell you whether or not they can fix it”. Thanks, I guess. Next week I find out whether they can fix it — thus removing any excuse for me a new camera!