A late afternoon walk along the rail line in Oakleigh, off to investigate the gleaming colours coming from the coathanger’s graveyard. The new colourful pile is an equally huge mass of plastic car body panels, we don’t know whether they are being stockpiled for recycling, or whether its just easier to rent an old warehouse and dump them on the ground for storage! Also dumped in the vacant land at the end of Downing street was a mass of shopfittings, newspaper racks and shelving — then I realised, the newsagent in Portman street closed a week or so ago — guess they thought it was too expensive to dispose of their crap legally.

Then two movies in one weekend, amazing, seems to be ages since I’ve seen even one. Jo and I decided that it was time to finally go and see Star Wars III. Ho hum. 28 years after Star Wars was made, lots of special effects, lots of tacky looking fades between scenes — very reminiscent of a bad day-time soap opera. The battle scenes just look so over-crowded they’re laughable.

Maybe I’m just too old to enjoy Star Wars. Maybe the movie just wasn’t very interesting. Making it less interesting was the three individuals who insisted on answering their phones during the movie, and the one in front of me who sat there the entire time texting on his phone!