“Where’s my camera? Is it repaired? How much will it cost?” I asked . Today I receive a voice mail message stating that they will endeavour to repair it next week. That is all. I call back to ask how much and get told that the help line can’t help me — the help line has to email the technical support line who might be able to help me. She did tell me that I would be quoted the price of the repair prior to the repair being performed.

Weee, Canon called me back. Apparently the camera has been booked in to be repaired, there was no requirement for them to call me with a quote first — somehow that got lost in the twenty-minute form-filling exercise when I brought it in and asked how much it would cost a month ago When I asked, I was given a verbal quote of approximately $150-$155 — pretty much what a whole second-hand IXUS 300 costs! They have now put a hold on the repair pending a written quote being prepared and sent to me.