Jo is beset by end-of-financial-year woes and had to go in to work today for a few hours, I spent the time constructively poking around at the local markets — unsuccessfully looking for a nutcracker to deal with yesterday’s fresh walnuts — then went on another exploratory walk along the railway and down into Huntingdale. The amount of dumped rubbish is amazing — and depressing. Seems that the industrial residents of Monash have little, if any, respect for the littering laws.

The dead-end street where the shop fittings from the were dumped has been cleaned up by the council — but then promptly refilled with a trailer-load of mattress-sized pieces of foam and drums of chemicals from a local upholsterer. Further down in Huntingdale a mechanic was at work — busy changing the oil in a van, then hosing down the concrete and washing a sump’s worth of old engine oil down into the gutter and on into the storm-water drains.

A fascinating walk, but definitely depressing in the amount of litter out there.