Just about to leave this morning to ride to work when the rain started hammering down on the tin roof, definitely time to sit for a quarter of an hour and tidy the kitchen!

Oddest motorist this morning — the lady stopped at the lights on North road. She drove up, stopped, her hands and eyes dropped into her lap and she started fiddling about. “Another idiot on the phone,” I thought. Wrong! She had picked up her knitting! The lights went green and she drove off, still looking in her lap, still doing her knitting!

Strangely, at the Clayton road lights I pulled up alongside the same garbage truck that tried to run me off the road, not sure if it has a different driver today or whether they’re just in a better mood, there was no abuse, no laughter, nothing.

Once at Monash I detoured around to the semi-regular monthly cyclist breakfast, a chance to stand around and chat and discuss what routes people use to get to and from the campus. My hat goes off to the girl from Upwey who rides in most days — riding home up Mount Dandenong each evening must be hard work!