I was “volunteered.” Management can’t seem to work out whether we’re supposed to work between 8 am and 6 pm or 24 hours a day. They certainly won’t pay for anyone to be there out of the ordinary hours — but all hell breaks loose when you want to upgrade anything or install anything — “You can’t do that in production hours!” Bah! Who wants to volunteer for the evening? Who wants to volunteer for the weekend work? On-call as well, a phone call last night then four SMS alerts ten minutes before the shift ended — I got in early expecting the worst, only to find that a router update had clobbered the whole network for three-quarters of an hour and last night’s alarms were spurious. Double-bah!

Awake at four-thirty, quiet, then birds, trains, traffic. A clear sunny morning — perfect for not having to go to work! I headed off on my bike in one direction while Jo headed off in the other, me to Monash, her for an hour or so down along the bay and back!

The only good point to the whole exercise was that it happened very smoothly, we were scheduled to take all day to 5.30 pm, Paul and I were finished four hours early — I wonder how the other half of the work tomorrow will go?