Ow ow ow! Another day, another .

Rush hour traffic in Haughton road? A fifty kilometre speed limit and traffic in both directions? A road specifically narrowed by Monash City Council to stop everyone using it as a short cut through the suburb. A road narrowed so that motorists have to actually think and pull out in order to overtake cyclists safely. Not a problem for our local inhabitants. Speed up and go head-on towards oncoming cars, then swerve back in and slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the next car up ahead. Only problem was the little lady driving the big bronze Lexus 4WD, she pulled this idiot stunt just as I was approaching one of the little roundabouts, roared up from behind, half overtook me then swerved back in to avoid the traffic island and slammed the side of the 4WD straight into my shoulder, arm and hand! “But mister, why you hit me? I turning left! What you doing, why you run into me mister?” Yep, those were her words to me.

So sorry lady, perhaps its time to read up on the road laws in this country… the ones that say you can’t ram your 4WD into cyclists.

Bruised knuckles and a hand that hurt to type with for the whole day.