A warm spring day, a good night’s sleep and today its time to go for a ride — but which bike do we use? Jo wanted to get out on her new roadie, I joked about the spider webs on the tandem, yes, no, maybe… The tandem it was.

Beach road was amazing. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of cyclists in groups all up and down the bay. The good weather and the approach of the Around the Bay in a Day ride has driven them all out for their training. Police were out too, whether patrolling for motorists or cyclists breaking the law I don’t know, a siren went off directly behind us as they pulled over a speeding motorist and it half deafened us, half frightened us off the bike!

Lunch at Portobella, on the beach in Port Melbourne, just past the end of Kerford road. Not quite sure what to make of it, the food is OK, the service kind of laughable. A well meaning owner running around and handing out menus, but forgetting to tell his waitresses about the new customers, waitresses who all seem to be visiting British backpackers — young, generally cute, and totally unskilled at waiting. Eventually manage to catch the eye of the waitress, only to find that we’d been given the breakfast menu, and breakfast wasn’t being served anymore…. Despite it all we managed to get lunch ordered and delivered and eaten.