Back at work for real this time! Two weeks’ holiday, a day at work with the plague (™), a day home in bed, a weekend at Lorne convalescing by the sea-side — time to face reality and get back to work….

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Monday before the Melbourne Cup is a public holiday, the number of people who take the day off or just plain don’t show up for work must be phenomenal! The car-parks along Haughton road were almost completely empty, the roads a windy wasteland.

A day catching up on work, closing off jobs that seem to have accumulated while I’ve been away, jobs that other people should probably be able to do, but just haven’t done anything about….

An evening putting the house back in order too. Climb up the neighbour’s orange tree and liberate enough oranges for juice for the next fortnight, they don’t mind, they don’t pick them or use them at all! I’ve been missing this orange juice in the weeks we were away.