This morning we woke from a lousy night’s sleep to find that the tent was still standing, although still billowing in around us like a spinnaker in a gale. The neighbours had finally shut up after midnight, but commenced laughing, shrieking and giggling the minute they woke up, despite the odd pointed comments from other neighbours within earshot.

Breakfast and pack up, then over to the information centre centre to check in. There’s a free shuttle bus we can catch up to the Mt Oberon car-park, but stupidly it doesn’t stop at the information centre — it leaves from the beach, the furthest possible point from here that’s still within the Tidal River campground! Shoulder the bags and drop in at the shop for a ceremonial last cup of coffee, then make our way down to the car-park to wait for the bus. Another oddity, there’s nowhere to sit at the bus stop, and the nearest garbage bins are as far as you can get from the stop as possible!

The bus dropped us off at the car-park and we started on our way, off on the walk to the lighthouse, with perhaps just a little less training than we really should have had…. All the good intentions over the last few weeks seem to have come to nought, I think we’ll be relying on general fitness, brute force and ignorance!

The park rangers had told us that the grass trees were all in flower, although the flowers were starting to fade this week, and the flag irises were coming out everywhere. It was stunning though, flower spikes from the grass trees up to 3m tall, and great swathes of white irises in the undergrowth. The April bushfire is still highly visible, but most of the ash has washed away, its all just sprouting black trees and bright green underbrush. Very photogenic, but…

I’d put my camera batter on charge on Thursday evening, knowing that we were going away, knowing how much I wanted to take some follow-up photos to compare to the visit in . Unfortunately I must have turned my camera on and left it on in my bag, it had just enough juice to tell me to change the battery pack — very helpful — before turning itself off. The charger is helpfully at home too, so even if there is a power-point at the cabins this evening, I won’t be able to charge it up for tomorrow! Luckily I’ve brought my APS film camera, as I’m still trying to finish off the last nine frames — when I get it developed there’ll be one or two shots of today…

Today’s photos

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