Over half-way complete in the APS-digitising project. Three more rolls completed, that’s thirteen rolls scanned and eight remaining. Annoying though, QFL ignored the request to scan the three films onto one CD, according to the chemist it is completely arbitrary whether they read any instructions at all! The hair on the scanner that I saw a is still there, now that is bugging me. Captions and dates now needed for 201-383, 379-986 and 647-548.

Damn, I’d forgotten that 17 to 44 of the first roll were all out of focus β€” the Elph had decided that it’s auto-focus was broken and ruined all my photos of Rae and Alex’s wedding, a camera fault that Canon couldn’t find, but must have fixed while they were looking! Oddly too, there appear to be 44 photos on the first roll of 40, 23 images on the second roll of 25! Guess I’ll have to check out the prints from back in 2000 and see what happened when they were developed.