It was lots of fun with no traffic on the roads. Jo and I took the tandem out for a ride in the afternoon and rode up Beach road from Elwood to Port Melbourne. We didn’t see any of the marathon, just millions and millions of bollards, railings and miles of flapping plastic tape. Such a huge road when there’s no other traffic on it though!

Funniest part of it all was at one set of traffic lights. Not one but two police motorcyclists sitting at the side of the road 3m back from the lights, a pedestrian pushed the button and made the lights go red, we stopped, another three cyclists come up from behind, pulled out, overtook us and the motorbikes, then two of them rode up the footpath to avoid stopping and around behind the lights while the third rode through the red light, half-way through the intersection, up the footpath and then continued around the other light before all three dropped back onto the road to continue!

We sat at the lights laughing while wondering whether they get booked for running a red light or riding on the footpath or both. Police guys were shaking their heads and said they couldn’t believe it, but it was not the worst they’d seen during the day.

Lights went green, we rode off, police #1 pulled over the couple riding together who’d shot up the footpath while police #2 pulled over mr red light runner. We passed as he was busy arguing β€œI didn’t ride through a red light.”

Probably evolution in action, but if you must ride straight through a red light I’d suggest not doing it straight in front of two uniform traffic police!

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