Autumn colours at “Tall Timbers” open garden day

A what! Yes, I spent half the morning at an open-garden out near Noojee. An obvious sign of senility, but a site for some very autumnal photographs. “Tall Timbers” had opened their garden to the public, and what a garden it was! I think its taken them about thirty years to get to the stage it is currently at, and probably takes up most of their time to keep it that way.

Yabby claw on a fence-post

Cool and misty weather when we got there, the rain held off for the two hours or so that it took to fully explore the gardens, then started just as we decided we’d seen it all and it was time to leave. Kind of scary with the four of us being the only people there who didn’t have senior’s cards….

Ornamental pond at “Tall Timbers” open garden day

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