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Blessed are the tandem-riders, for they shall manage to ride all day and escape the rain — at least it seemed that way today! A lucky start when we woke in sunlight and with a bit of prodding managed to leap into action and pack the bags and tent before breakfast and more importantly, before the next squall and rain-front came through. Even more impressive was the one after that, not just icy rain, this one had ice in it — a few minutes of hail that caused general mayhem on the campground.

Korumburra to Poowong, where we would have stayed last night if the pub — the only food source in town — had been open on Good Friday. The last five minutes into Poowong an exercise in vector analysis as we plotted speed and direction of the tandem versus the speed and direction of the next big black rain-front. Jo and I stood around dry and sipping coffee while Evan and Andrew rolled in ten minutes later having sheltered under trees and in a muddy ditch.


Korumburra Poowong Drouin Neerim South

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