OK, now that we’ve actually got the ladder into the attic we can start to use it! I’m not sure what I expected, maybe thought the installation would all be over by lunchtime and we would simply put all the stuff from the front room up into the roof space….

Looking around inside the roof of the 106 year-old half of the house revealed some interesting features. The ceiling of the front room — the room we never use — was covered by very thin insulation bats, but the bedroom and lounge — the two rooms that we do use — had no insulation! Unfortunately the carpenter hadn’t told us this yesterday before he nailed boards down over some of the empty space or we would have put more insulation in ahead of him. As it was, today I spent most of the afternoon crawling around from rafter to rafter like a deranged monkey, dragging itchy yellow insulation bats into place and sweeping out piles of leaves, scrap timber, 50 year-old wiring, and all the other crap that the previous renovation had simply left inside the ceiling.