Assorted mucking about with inferno, getting it all working on the Windows XP laptop. Hassles since home area is in both a file path with spaces in it and not the C: drive! (D:\Documents and Settings\ajft\pkg\inferno).

Inferno just wouldn’t install to a path with a space in it, so I installed to C:\inferno then copied all the files to $HOME/pkg/inferno, ran regedit and changed the root path. Then updated the Start menu icon to launch the correct executable with the correct parameters.

Could not get $HOME/namespace to handle paths with spaces in them either, so I’ve ended up with a convoluted path to get Inferno launched and running:

  1. %HOME%\pkg\inferno\inferno.cmd that contains:

    ”%HOME%\pkg\inferno\Nt\386\bin\emu.exe” -g1280x1024
    “-r%HOME%\pkg\inferno” sh.dis /

  2. %HOME%\pkg\inferno\ that contains:

    bind -bc ‘#UD:/Documents and Settings/ajft’ /usr/ajft svc/net wm/wm wm/logon -u ajft

  3. %HOME%\pkg\inferno\usr\ajft\namespace that contains:

    bind -ia #C / bind -a #UC:/ /n/c bind -c /usr/ajft/tmp /tmp bind -a /usr/ajft/dis /dis bind -a /usr/ajft/module /module

A kind of awful loop-back mounting of package within the home directory has a home directory that mounts the real home directory over the top of itself.

Mounting external resources:

The following works, showing me I’ve got the network configuration setup correctly and can access sources.

mount -A tcp!!9fs /n/remote

I can mount caerwyn’s wiki, but /acme/wiki doesn’t (yet) exist in this installation so I can only see the raw files.

Local mount -A tcp!!wiki /mnt/wiki

Tried to follow some of caerwyn’s Getting Started, but the first steps are to create an account, and the first step of that is an anonymous mount that won’t work for me.