The latest plot uncovered in the UK and the (over?) reaction of the airlines has me thinking that maybe the terrorists are winning. Is the desired outcome death, or is just total disruption? Restrictions down to no hand luggage of any kind, no food, no drink, nothing except travel documents…. Oh yay, I’m flying internationally in a couple of weeks too.

Seems to be getting close to a point where the airlines are going to hand out a plastic bag as you step through the security checkpoint and ask you to strip and hand everything over, you’ll then be led naked into the aircraft and handcuffed into your seat for the duration of the flight.

I think my favourite quote would be in Bruce Schneier’s New Airline Security Rules:

Yet another opportunity for a movie-plot: Evil terrorist drinks a large bottle of liquid explosive, then detonates himself by swallowing a small pill hidden inside his watch (or chewing on a detonator hidden in a false tooth…).

Yet more magnificent reporting, courtesy of The Age this time: “plotters had begun investigating non-stop flights from the UK to the USA.” Non-stop flights over the Atlantic? Can someone tell me what other kind there are? Do some of them set down on icebergs or something?