The old “Scot's Old Autorubber” building about to be refurbished

Woken by strange sounds overhead — yes, it is rain. With so little rain in the last few months there’s no way I’m going to complain that I might get wet on the way to work! As it was, a half hour lull arrived at just the right time. Just over twenty millimetres of rain between about eight in the morning and six in the afternoon — that’s four times the rainfall we had for all of October!

While the rain may make the garden grow, it certainly doesn’t do much for the building industry. One sign of precipitation and no sign of work! The under-construction boxes next door sat unattended all day, while across the road a semi-trailer load of scaffolding was unloaded in preparation for refurbishing one of the empty buildings. Heading out the door I was offered a day’s labouring work putting up scaffolding because the labourers didn’t turn up due to the bad weather!