Two CD launches in two nights, some kind of a record I guess…. Tonight Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing launch Paddock Buddy…. Its the first time I’ve been to the Spanish Club since it decided to become “a venue” and start booking bands, been meaning to get there for ages, but Fitzroy always seems so hard to get to.

A curious mix of a crowd, lots of old Weddoes fans with bald patches reliving their youth. As for the venue; I’m not sure what the room is normally like but the tables for the dinner show seemed to take up two thirds of the space, leaving the rest of the crowd crammed in standing up at the back. The sound system was pretty poor too, or maybe it was the guy on the mixer, muffled booming bass overpowering everything else and making the vocals almost indistinguishable. After a few songs they seemed to work it out and it improved a little, but was almost drowned out by selfish idiots in the crowd around me — I don’t expect a reverent church-like silence, but gabbing away non-stop to your mates like an old ladies’ sewing circle is a little bloody rude. Rude enough that one of the guys in front of us turned around and asked one of the offending groups if they could move into the front bar for a chat and let the rest of us listen to the band. He should of guessed the reaction — if they’re rude enough to gabble away over the band, they’re probably rude enough to tell him to go get f@Q#$fed, then proceed to harass him for the rest of the night!

Two CD launches in two days, two new CDs per day. This could be a busy week for the music library! Paddock Buddy has joined the library, together with an older disk — Anythings, Sure Things, Other Things — from the back catalogue.