Something is getting me down today. Either I ate too much last night, or Christmas is bugging me, or I didn’t sleep well or something. I know I ate too much, the Chicken Parmagiana from Groove Train was a ridiculous size, I’ve never seen a chicken that size….

It didn’t help that when I went out for a ride this morning before work some idiot drove into me in the last kilometre before I got to work — he thought he could squeeze his Hyundai Excel between the stationary row of traffic and me, it didn’t fit. Thumped me into the kerb, I bounced back and came down on my hand on the back of his car, then he swore and waved his fists at me for daring to touch his car!

Christmas this year is a real pain. Jo and I just don’t want anything. I want to visit people, to see them, I don’t want to get anything. We don’t need anything. The World Vision Give-a-goat scheme is looking more and more attractive.

Bah. Humbug.