It was still hot and humid when we woke this morning, but for the first time this year there was the sound of rain on the roof. Measurable rain too, all 3mm of it! I rode out to work in the rain, happily getting soaking wet, wondering how many other people across Melbourne and the rest of Victoria were doing much the same.

Fish'n'chips for dinner

Fish’n’chips for dinner from the Oakleigh fish shop, I’m not sure why but it seemed a fish’n’chips day. Across the road to the shop and something exciting must have happened on the streets between the pub and the station, there was police crime-scene tape wrapped around all the poles and trees and three car-loads of coppers interviewing, measuring and analysing. Eye-droppers of chemicals onto strange spots on the tiles, is it drugs or blood? I guess we’ll either see a big article about it in the papers or we’ll never hear a peep.