Thunderstorms woke us this morning, wind howling through the trees and rain pelting on the roof, but I got up to find that there was no real rain to be seen, just enough to soak the washing.

All day long the wind howled around from the south-east, the normal prevailing winds are westerly, so every piece of rubbish that has migrated into the lee of a building was found and redistributed, every tree that leans with the wind was forced creaking backwards. In the afternoon every half hour we heard the local fire engines head out for yet another call to a tree or power line down….

The plastic sheeting of the neighbour’s carport screeched and creaked like a demented fruit-bat, the loose cable-TV box hammered against the wall, at the building site on the other neighbour the dunny door and temporary electricity box banged incessantly, and across the road the roof of one of the buildings sounded as though it would come off. Hardly a restful Sunday afternoon to aid recovery from helping Kathryn and John rearrange furniture!