Today’s purchases

  • CD Hashish and Liquor by Dave Graney and Clare Moore
  • CD el momento siguiente by The Church
  • a small gift for a nephew’s christening present
  • 1:250,000 map (SI55-15) of the Wagga Wagga area for cycling holiday
  • an historic map of Melbourne’s railways 1854-2004

Today’s accomplishments

  • hung the ceramic frog tile that was a Christmas present from Kathy on the kitchen wall.
  • collected the case of Xanadu Chardonnay that has been sitting under my desk at work.
  • found homes for most of the Christmas presents that have been sitting in a pile on the lounge-room floor for two months.
  • tried to buy, or even order, the ASUS F3JV laptop but was foiled by the lack of stock or expected delivery times.

Maybe that last one doesn’t count as an accomplishment yet…