Another , only nine hours in and it feels like death.

Something woke me around 03:30 this morning, then tossing and turning and Jo’s cold kept me awake. At 05:20 the garbage trucks came and commenced their not-allowed crashing and banging, at six o’clock I gave up and got out of bed.

Sat down at the desk to grind through some more of the woefully slow slug-like behaviour of Vista and file-synching from my main Linux PC and pop, there goes another light bulb. We seem to replace one or two of the three in the kitchen at almost monthly intervals.

To add to ’s woes and frustrations about the new ASUS F3JR laptop, today I find that they’ve mysteriously dropped $150$200 in price! Brand new, the model’s only been out a fortnight, what can you do? Oh well, grin and bear it.

One shining point rising above all of the crap; today is our fourth wedding anniversary! Flowers and fruit for the traditionalists, or the very boring “appliances” from some modern list. Oh wow honey, give me a new appliance…