Aarg! On I rang them up and was promised a return phone call within an hour or two, on I lodged the same enquiry via email and was promised a response within 24 hours, then today, 48hours later I get an email telling me stuff all, and that I should call them on the phone!

Four paragraphs of advertising for their incredibly expensive 3G wireless network service and then:

Due to the complexities of ADSL with Home WiFi and the limitations of email, it is best for you to call our help desk on 133 933 option 1 option 1 option 2 and talk to one of our support staff for further assistance.

Emailed them back giving the details again and explaining the hassles I have with trying to ring them.

Later in the evening I managed to ring them, then get through to the right people, then, miraculously, I even managed to find out how to get Vista to talk to a BigPond-configured ADSL router. Yay.

One small drawback — the WEP key and admin. password that were written into the front of the notes wouldn’t work, so along the way I had to perform a complete hard reset of the Speedstream 6520 and re-enter all my details manually, losing the port-exceptions and all the security settings that were in their previously. I guess I can recreate the port exceptions from the software I use, but since BigPond never told me what the security settings are I’ll have to make them up!