After many months of building it seems that we’ve finally got people moving in to one of the two units next door — the rear one, since the front one isn’t finished yet. There’s been a “for lease” sign up for a few weeks, sometime last week a couple of cars started appearing in the drive.

Saturday afternoon they took all their boxes and rubbish from moving in, neatly bundled it up and dumped it on the street out the front of the house! I’ve no idea why people do that, rather than wait for the garbage collection and put it in the bin, for a start the stuff sitting on the street won’t get picked up if it isn’t in a bin!

Of course it sat there for the weekend, then this morning when the gardeners turned up to work on the front unit the rubbish was in their way so they moved it half-way along the front of the house… then surprise, surprise, when I got home from work they had carefully bundled it all up and piled it up on the footpath outside our house!

A couple of minutes work and I carried it all back next door, lifting it over their front fence and neatly bundling it back up on their garden.


[] Looks like the boxes of rubbish were in the way of the gardeners when they turned up, at least this time they’ve picked it up and moved the boxes into the doorway of the unfinished house.

[] Garbage night last night, the new neighbours put out all three bins and next to them, two big bags of rubbish on the footpath. Not surprisingly, when I came home in the afternoon the bins had been emptied and put away and the bags of rubbish are still sitting out on the street.

OK, we’ll start with the nice approach. A note in the letterbox with:

Please don't leave garbage on the footpath.

It has to be in your bin or it won't be collected.

Adrian (8 Mill rd)

[] Surprise, surprise. Today the builder/owner turned up to look at the week’s work — as he does every Saturday — I guess he didn’t like the bags of garbage piled near the letter box and the three boxes of stuff in the doorway of the unfinished house. He’s moved all the garbage off his land and it is now piled up on the footpath at the edge of the road.