The ubuntu upgrade I started yesterday morning has completed on fafnir, or at least initially completed. Now all I have to do is find all the software that broke and fix it…. Minor problems during the upgrade itself:

  • gettext-el failed to install
  • sawfish failed to install
  • upgrade-manager failed to install

The first two seemed to be because they were looking for /usr/lib/X11/locale, and there isn’t one anymore, things are in /usr/share/X11/locale. Created a symbolic link from the real one to where it was looking and re-ran apt-get -u dist-upgrade and it fixed those up.

After the install and reboot I’ve found:

  • Beryl/Emerald won’t work anymore, no window decorations unless I disable the “window effects”
  • imgstamp now produces an error at commented out lines in $HOME/.imgstamprc

I can fix imgstamp by removing the commented out lines, although it looks to be a step backwards, since nearly everything else can handle a configuration file with lines that start with ‘#’ being ignored.