Aw crap, what are they playing at?

16th May 2007

Owner XX XXXXXX XXX Oakleigh Vic 3166

The Residents XX XXXXXX XXX Oakleigh Vic 3166

Dear Sir/Madam

It has come to our attention, that you have a Telecommunication wire, trespassing across our property. As we have never given you permission for this to happen, we want it removed.

We noticed that you already have a pole outside your house, which would be more suitable for that wire to be attached to.

We will therefore give you seven (7) days from the date of this letter to remove it from its original site and have it re-attached to the other pole. If that has not taken place by the expiration of the deadline, then we will be removing it ourselves and any cost that is born as a result, will naturally be passed on to you, so it will be in your best interest, to act promptly.

We thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation in this matter.

Your faithfully


New house next door, and the rubbish they dump in the street

The cable they’re talking about is the Telstra phone cable, it has quite possibly been there for forty years! I was fairly sure that there’s nothing wrong with it, but rang up Telstra anyway to check.

It caused a bit of fun and games with the enquiries line, not your routine query it seems!

Yep, the Telstra cable is Telstra infrastructure, and in a magnificent quote “The infrastructure can go where it wants.” Any “issues” that they have with it are between them and Telstra and they should contact Telstra about it.

The cable can be relocated if they wish, however the costs will be born by them, not by us and not by Telstra.

Of course, none of this could possibly be a petty counter attack or have anything to do with the fact that we keep asking the building company to come and finish fixing the fence that they half took down months ago, now could it…?