The second of the two houses built on the block next door is full now, I’m not sure how many people have moved in but they had all their friends helping unpack the truck — the only way to move house, the more friends the better!

That makes two houses with three car spaces that now contain somewhere around seven or eight young guys and who knows how many cars… I guess parking in the street could get even more shambolic than usual if they start parking out the front where customers of the Jaanz singing school park illegally.

More rubbish though; just like when the people in the other house moved in, they’ve bundled up all their house-moving rubbish and dumped it out on the footpath — its in a bin — but they’ve picked the council green-waste bin, and they’ve put it out four days early. Seems to be a common problem; “chuck it out on the street, not my problem any more.”