Amazingly, ASUS responded to my support call about their Liveupdate software (it simply doesn’t work on any of the ASUS laptops that it is shipped on!) Pointed me to an updated version on their support website and lo, it works and actually displays valid text in the menu! I still can’t work out how to find it myself by browsing through their downloads and support site. The English from ASUS is better than my Mandarin, but surely these companies can get someone to better translate the messages on their websites? I tried to click the “How would you rate the quality of this mail?” feedback link in my support call, and all I get is this:

Dear ASUS User

Due to the Server is now busy, we apologize the webpage(s) cannot be opened on your request. Please try this site later. Thank you

At least I didn’t try for the telephone support; a colleague called about 4 o’clock and was left on hold for 35 minutes, then they hung up on him! He called back (16:50) and was told all the lines were busy and to call later, he called five minutes later (16:55) and was told that they’d all gone home and to call during business hours! He never did get any support….

So, the ASUS Liveupdate now works, the ASUS single sign-on application might just work without popping up ten times for one web-page and freezing the PC each time. All I need now is for a working 3D video driver — ATI won’t provide drivers for notebooks, its the vendor’s job … but ASUS won’t provide them either. Then I can have a go at the appalling mess that is the Norton security software, the duelling firewalls (Windows vs Norton) and the flip-flopping ASUS network switching software. Damn, why didn’t I buy a Mac?