A quick check of the map today and I saw that the aerial photo of home had changed — a closer inspection has me puzzled.

Up until a few weeks ago, the Google Maps and Google Earth view of Oakleigh showed our neighbours as a vacant block — not surprising, the house was bulldozed last May. There was also a huge flash of light reflecting from a parked car’s windscreen, which made it very easy to find!

Today I noticed that the flash of light has gone, the photo has been updated and we’ve got a neighbour again… or have we? Something odd seems to be afoot since I could swear that the photo shows the old single house rather than the two new town-houses, and that all of the bulldozed garden is back.

Yep, definitely! The building sites on Warrigal road have gone away and been replaced by vacant land. I wonder what prompts Google to do this?