Part of what keeps me sane at Monash

After what felt like such a hot summer its already starting to feel like autumn is on the way. The mornings are getting cooler, its not quite as sunny when we get the up, the air a bit chill and I start to debate whether the summer jerseys are enough for the ride to work.

Then around mid-morning we realise there’s still a way to go, it’s still hot outside in the middle of the day, here at work the cicadas sometimes sing, the birds are madly screeching in the trees and the sun beats down.

At home there’s plenty of summer fruit around and the gardens are still dry. Plums hang over the back fence and figs ripening on the trees in the neighbour’s garden — the lorikeets knew exactly when they ripened and there’s been endless shrieking from the trees for three days or so. Nothing much in our garden though, a handful of tomatoes from a dozen bushes, a small handful of chillies, the corn all stunted with some small half-ripe cobs, the beans died off without flowering, the olive tree nearly dead. Maybe next year we’ll have more success.