One chopper anyway. I wonder what it was all about? From before noon until at least four o’clock the police helicopter went around and around and around Oakleigh, there were no sirens, no fires, the trains were still running, but the chopper just kept going up and down Warrigal road, past the shops, sometimes right over the house, other times a bit to the south. Later in the afternoon we watched the police board a train at Huntingdale station and go from carriage to carriage while it waited at the station, then get off empty handed and allow the train to proceed.

I wonder if we’ll ever find out what it was all about?



Aha! From the little paper, the mystery revealed:

Cops keep track of train gangs

HUNDREDS of menacing youths from rival gangs spread fear across Melbourne’s east as they rode trains and threatened violence yesterday….

I guess we must have missed the fear and threats of violence, all we saw was the helicopter and coppers. Amusingly, in reference to the police media spokesperson:

He was unable to confirm reports from several residents that the police chopper had been hovering overhead to monitor the movement of the youths.

Well Sen-Constable David Fitzgerald, you may be unable to confirm it, but I certainly can!