There must be something about their “professional training”, I really can’t think of anything else to explain it.

Every day I ride up North road, usually with no problems

Every day I am passed by several hundred cars, usually with no problems.

Every day I am passed by one or two buses from other bus lines, usually with no problems.

About once a month some maniac in a Grendas bus seems to want to kill me.

January, run off the road, I wrote to them, Grendas management wrote back and told me to G* F*d.

February, abuse screamed at me by a Grenda driver for being in the adjacent lane 3m from the bus wanting to do a hook turn!

Today, 6##5-A0 passed at I guess 70-80km/hr with about 10cm clearance, blew my bag off my back and helmet half off my head. Any chance of pulling out a bit into the (vacant) adjacent lane next time? At the Clayton rd/north rd set of lights I pulled up alongside the bus in the middle lane, ‘cos I thought he would be pulling into the bus stop after the lights, but instead WHILE CHATTING ON THE PHONE, he swerved out half a metre into my lane while pulling away from the lights then tore off up North road and through the Dandenong road lights as they went orange to red.

Revisited <2008-04-08 Tue>: Hmm, maybe someone at Grenda’s is getting the general idea. Maybe I just met the other 2930 day’s bus drivers who don’t have a problem. This morning Mr Bus driver of 6##6-A0 was quite happy to go past with over a metre clearance, even though he had to almost change lanes to do so.