Weddings, Parties, Anything know their audience well; they’re all getting older, they’re all getting fatter, many of them have kids… so for the last show in the series of the ten-year reformation Christmas in April it was a matinee show. Quite odd to walk in from the bright autumn sunlight to a dark pub bandroom and see not only a room full of punters but young kids darting about here and there, dancing on whichever of the two stages wasn’t currently in use, and generally putting everyone in a good mood and making them laugh.

WPA… Weddings, Parties, Childminding?

Even the merchandising was in tune with the audience, amongst the t-shirts, Hawaian shirts, CDs, DVDs and footy scarves there were bibs for babies! Your choice, either “Weddings, Parties, Anything.. 10 year reunion”, or the magnificently tongue-in-cheek titled “Spawn of the Women.”

I’m no good at writing gig reviews so I’ll give it a miss, they opened with Wide Open Road, I think everyone had a good time, I ran into an old friend from years back and we all left contented.