Odd how interests seem to align. A guy who is on a mailing list that I joined about some software I’m interested in turns out to be interested in photography and so I start following him on Flickr, then a recent photo of his of a geocache rekindles my interest in GPS and geocaching… I know the Garmin Edge 305 is no use in finding a location, but it could keep track of how I got to them.

A quick search on http://www.geocaching.com/ and I find that there are two caches within a five minute walk of my desk, and that Jo and I walked within metres of another yesterday — sadly I think the clues have been bulldozed by the clue-less Monash City Council. A week ago on Sunday we probably walked straight past at least one other. Maybe I need to search a little more carefully!

Leaving work ten minutes early to catch the very welcome sun on a winter’s day I tried a round about ride home with a quick search for a few of the caches… passed by the one nearest work, then off to look for the other on campus — nope — then down Ferntree Gully road to Brickmaker’s park — nope. Round into Murrumbeena to the old outer circle railway — nope — then down Murrumbeena road to the last on my list — nope. OK, that’s five out of five, in each case I can find the start point or coordinates printed, but not one can I locate the cache itself. I guess I’ve got to put some serious work into my search technique!