Week ending Sunday 2009/09/13

Monday 10:36

Adrian Clears up after cooking dinner for ten people last night.: Clears up after cooking dinner for ten people .. www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717182007&story_fbid=130586911166 [Original.]

Monday 12:15

tea and toasted crumpet with honey time, sudden hankering [Original.]

Monday 13:45

@droo do not be dissin' Midsommer, strange things happen in the country... [Original, responding to @droo.]

Monday 17:25

newspaper headline #QOTD: "Giant rat found in 'lost volcano'" [Original.]

Monday 19:51

RT @VictoriaPolice Thieves grab $40k of bike gear bit.ly/VIHwj - shame the cops don't know inches from cm! "two 56-inch racing bikes" [Original.]

Monday 19:52

ops, bitly fail. www.vicpolicenews.com.au/more-news/1471-thieves-grab-40k-of-bike-gear.html [Original.]

Tuesday 13:35

multi-skilled; adds a server to a cluster and changes a toddler's nappy simultaneously [Original.]

Tuesday 21:56

Please amazon stop sending me ads for things you won't sell me because I'm not in the USA! Or is it easier to just send #SPAM #Amazon??? [Original.]

Wednesday 12:01

has had a distinct excess of crying toddler so far today [Original.]

Wednesday 19:47

@llenrup jealous! Came home to reheat left-overs and have half of them thrown at me [Original, responding to @llenrup.]

Wednesday 19:52

starts up the web interface to Lotus Notes, prepares for inundation of UI abominations, errors and general #FAIL [Original.]

Wednesday 19:55

"A Domino Web Access script error has occurred" x30 or more. Well bugger me, I never would have guessed! #Lotus #Notes #FAIL [Original.]

Wednesday 21:30

exhausted from day at home, looking forward to relaxing day at work tomorrow [Original.]

Thursday 11:34

so where's this apple tablet thingy then? [Original.]

Thursday 13:34

@kml will wait for iTunes 9.0.1 in one or two weeks, thus avoiding 2x enormous downloads. #experience of new iTunes versions [Original, responding to @kml.]

Friday 08:33

RT @Cos: The British government apologises for the mistreatment of Alan Turing www.number10.gov.uk/Page20571 (via @mattjones) [Original.]

Friday 09:33

wonders when Americans started using the word "shutters" in place of "shuts", and better yet, when will they stop it [Original.]

Friday 11:26

blocks @works_from_home because I do not need to be followed by yet another MLM account [Original.]

Friday 11:35

sudo /bin/STFU <cow-orkers.lst [Original.]

Friday 11:56

having mentioned MLM due to an MLM spammer, now get followed by more MLM spammers. /me blocks @prostarprofits [Original.]

Friday 13:58

Nokia PC Suite, Nokia 6233 and Windows XP. Appallingly bad all round. Reboot, wait, retry, reboot, retry, reconfigure, wait, give up [Original.]

Friday 16:29

blocks @ACNdirect - Let me see "direct selling telecommunications company:. That be high on my #FOAD list [Original.]

Friday 19:32

cycling info. in last Saturday's Travel section of The Age, author puts Alpe D'Huez's 21 hairpins on Mt Ventoux. Much laughter. #Fail ... [Original.]

Saturday 14:20

wind v cast iron door stop. Melbourne wind wins, door stop fails to stop, door slams [Original.]

Saturday 21:08

Dear @SBSnews, stop Matt Keenan from making up bullshit words like "bonification", or just shoot him and put us out of our misery [Original.]

Saturday 21:18

Searches da interwebs for the meaning of #bonification wrt #cycling and la Vuelta [Original.]

Sunday 10:11

dreams of the day there is the equivalent of "apt-get update" for all the firmware on all the hardware [Original.]