An interesting year at work; I can hardly remember any of January to May — the normal, five day a week part of the year. Instead its been Monday to Wednesday at home looking after Cam, then Thursday and Friday in the office. Wednesday was my nominal “work-at-home” day to bring my hours up to three days a week, but in reality it was two whole days on site and the remaining seven and half hours of work spread out between Friday evening and Thursday morning, as and when a small boy and life allowed. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and would quite happily become a stay-at-home dad if finances allowed!

Up through the Lemon-scented gums
Up through the Lemon-scented gums by ajft, on Flickr

How much was accomplished? I’m really not sure. With no real deadlines, targets or goals there are no real measurements. Slower than I hoped, harder than I expected. Some things are much easier at home uninterrupted, some things harder on the end of the not-always-useful remote-access to the office. Depressing and frustrating to go in on a Thursday and find that because I had been away, work I’d expected to occur had not happened.

Oh well, is over now, I’m on leave for a month. An entire month!

could be interesting, it’ll be a nasty shock to the system to go back to five days a week at work — I think I could be quite happy with four, or even three, days working. Sadly, management and finances disagree, so five days a week it’ll be.

The best part of it all? For FOUR WHOLE WEEKS I DO NOT have to touch Lotus Notes — at all — in any way, shape or form!