Week ending Sunday 2010/01/24

Monday 09:38

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.31-16-generic: ubuntu update [Original.]

Monday 10:17

@ben heh, @ben becomes grumpy old man [Original, responding to @ben.]

Monday 10:29

#qotd: "We need diversity of opinion, not a mass of slurry that's formed into corporate frankfurter meat" www.scripting.com/stories/2010/01/17/corporateMediaIsTheProblem.html [Original.]

Monday 11:00

thought I'd forgotten my lotus notes password after a month's leave, sadly no, I remember and must now use the bane of my life [Original.]

Monday 11:46

stupid www.teaparty.org, spamming .au addresses with US politics [Original.]

Monday 11:59

have been back at work for three hours, would like cow-orker to STFU now please [Original.]

Monday 14:55

stumbles through a metric tonne of email [Original.]

Monday 16:46

only has to *think* of riding home and mysteriously the rain starts, after being dry all afternoon. #melbourne #weather [Original.]

Monday 22:03

battles with the puncture fairy [Original.]

Monday 22:36

more sirens, more crap melbourne motorists driving into trees, lamp-posts, buildings and each other [Original.]

Tuesday 09:56

RIP to the Tote, never my favourite venue, but damn I'll be missed now its gone [Original.]

Tuesday 10:50

cow-orkers whinging about lorikeets in the flowering gums again [Original.]

Tuesday 12:39

battles Lotus Notes mail archives... 33M file to archive a single ten line email!!! #WOFTAM [Original.]

Tuesday 13:52

"this conversation may be recorded for training porpoises" [Original.]

Tuesday 14:12

Telstra phone droid "we have ongoing problem with not sending email notification", gee, NO SHIT, thats why I called you up. half hour wasted [Original.]

Tuesday 15:25

RT @cfsmtb: Leapster nails it: Shooting Absolutely Everyone In The Foot leapster.cust.nearlyfreespeech.net/?p=166 #Tote #liquorlicensingstupidity [Original.]

Tuesday 19:56

divvies up a Terry's chocolate orange... prepares for choccy bliss [Original.]

Wednesday 08:26

#BLEURGH! Kraft takeover of cadbury; 1st a cadbury price increase of 20%, then addition of vege. oil to chocolate, now the final blow. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:02

at work, lorikeets playing and shrieking in the gum trees in the sun, cow-orkers to start whinging about birds in 5... 4... 3... 2.. 1... [Original.]

Wednesday 19:15

added degree of difficulty cycling home; Mazda RX8 vs Hyundai Excel vs steel traffic light pole. no clear winner. #melbourne #motorist [Original.]

Thursday 08:26

convinces iTunes to put music back into iPod after it decided to quietly erase the whole ##$@#$ing lot the day before 8hour road trip [Original.]

Thursday 09:40

Ugh, in latest english language mutilation, chamois has turned into "shammie" [Original.]

Thursday 09:59

suspects that online shopping is just a little too easy sometimes. #budget [Original.]

Thursday 10:45

gets gently shafted and has employer broadband removed due to budget [Original.]