Week ending Sunday 2010/01/31

Wednesday 09:29

Lotus Notes mail sorting rules broken -- again. welcome to email hell #fail [Original.]

Wednesday 09:36

WTF of the day: "Scan error '0x0: Success' detected" #pleaseexplain [Original.]

Wednesday 09:42

faxdc.com - idiots who spam non-US email addresses with US politics and ignore unsubscribes #TEAPARTY with lots of #FAIL [Original.]

Wednesday 09:52

wonders why really basic viagra and rolex spam is making it through corporate spam filter [Original.]

Wednesday 10:37

applies ice to the finger he tried to slice off with recalcitrant bicycle trailer hitch #OUCH [Original.]

Wednesday 16:32

astounds cow-orker by telling him that peanuts grow under the ground [Original.]

Thursday 09:38

drowns in fanboi hype-ad [Original.]

Thursday 13:06

cow-orker arrives late at work, starts reading outloud all the iPad stuff everyone else read 4 hours ago. #STFU [Original.]

Thursday 14:40

catches up on at least a month's photos [Original.]

Friday 09:21

cow-orker knows an amazing amount of detail of what Apple "should have done" - surprised cow-orker isn't a) famous and b) very rich #sarcasm [Original.]

Friday 12:06

Lotus Notes rule #FAIL work-around. Disable all rules, re-enable all rules. Rules now work until next time rules all #FAIL [Original.]

Friday 20:31

gets gently shafted by zazz.com.au, MUST READ THE FINEPRINT before purchasing online [Original.]

Friday 21:11

How unique and trackable is your web browser? panopticlick.eff.org [Original.]

Sunday 10:29

hopes nerve damage in crushed fingertip is temporary, five days of pins'n'needles so far. #BLEH [Original.]

Sunday 12:16

@dogcow @ben "News, limited" WTF you expect, indepth reporting? accuracy? spelling? [Original, responding to @dogcow.]

Sunday 14:09

Too hot, too damn hot. Lets give @dailyshoot a try flic.kr/p/7zyf7f #ds76 [Original.]

Sunday 16:45

temperature plummets, the cool change arrives. 35C to 25C in a matter of minutes. #melbourne #weathe [Original.]