Week ending Sunday 2010/02/07

Monday 13:34

@dailyshoot flic.kr/p/7zLYmc #ds77 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Monday 14:37

#febfast - lets try a month without Lotus Notes :) [Original.]

Monday 21:41

#qotd: Some people are like slinkies; Not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs [Original.]

Tuesday 08:47

rides to work, avoids man in suit on phone in car in daydream-land. #melbourne #motorist [Original.]

Tuesday 10:25

#novell error message grammar and Random Caps #FAIL: "A Refresh request already Running. This Refresh is Ignored. Please Try After Sometime" [Original.]

Wednesday 11:10

Adrian Gets a friend request from someone who says ""Hi! I see that you are from Melbourne, me too!".". Yep, but ... www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717182007&story_fbid=312257915618 [Original.]

Wednesday 13:14

returns from hot lunch-time walk; no, make that a damn-hot lunch-time walk [Original.]

Wednesday 13:40

@dailyshoot flic.kr/p/7AmP6N #ds79 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Thursday 17:30

cannot recommend #Aldi "storm" beer. Sort of frothy, watery and bland. #cheap #notgood [Original.]

Thursday 21:41

relives a little of his youth, courtesy of Neil Rogers and the Australian mood, buys some CDs. #oldgit [Original.]

Thursday 22:31

Lotus Notes, that is it. Over an hour reinstalling as per IT Circus desk and it still don't bloody work. Six months, no fix. GONE. #FAIL [Original.]

Thursday 22:45

@ben In office, gmail forbidden and Lotus Notes mandated by mgr. Had tried to get Notes working at home. Cannot, do not care, it is gone now [Original, responding to @ben.]

Friday 08:42

arrives at clowntown, moistened by melbourne mist [Original.]

Friday 13:40

gleefully joins in with cow-orkers in a frenzy of "throwing stuff out" #junk [Original.]

Friday 17:13

has drunk the bosses beer, eaten the bosses snacks, believes it is time to vacate the bosses office [Original.]

Friday 20:21

Checks out the website for across the street "The Sweet Greek", www.thesweetgreek.com.au/. Shiny website, empty building. [Original.]

Saturday 12:16

would like the pricks from Janz Singing School to stop dumping all their rubbish on the footpath [Original.]

Saturday 13:52

listens [Original.]

Saturday 15:36

Sends a little feedback to Jaanz school of singing - www.flickr.com/photos/ajft/4334147264/ [Original.]

Saturday 22:09

attempts to cure the common cold, self-medicating with Jameson's whisky, lindt chocolate and earl grey tea [Original.]