Riding home today I think it must be the day of the d@ckhead and that I missed the announcement.

Heading towards Clayton road in the Dandenong road service lane a courier car comes out of Clayton primary and goes screaming past me and the trailer the wrong way up the service lane heading for the McDonalds or to a shortcut across Dandenong road to head east.

Passing the Oakleigh motel there’s a large tattooed arm hanging out the window of a parked crappy commodore and a hand holding a cigarette… or so I thought. Automatically gave it a wide berth just in case the owner steps out or flicks the butt out the window or just drives off without looking. Didn’t have to worry, driver was blissfully kicking back, stoned, eyes closed, deep in the throes of his spliff.

Quarter of an hour later I’m trying to turn into Huntingdale station car-park to get onto the bike track, can’t get in, a bogan-boy in his commoford is coming out the wrong-way out the one-way entrance and barges me, trailer and toddler out of the way before spinning the wheels as only a bogan-boy commoford can and racing the 50m to stop at the corner into Huntingdale road.

Yep, you’re sharing the roads with this lot too.