Trundling home on the mountain bike towing the trailer and toddler, today I decided to go the slightly longer way via Huntingdale station and the full length of the bottle-strewn bike path to Oakleigh. Making my way carefully through the Huntingdale station car-park in case of idiots I had to suddenly slam on the brakes and stop to avoid an idiot reversing at speed out of a parking space without looking.

Surprise, surprise, surprise; same idiot as , same car as last week — old blue Ford Falcon, Victorian registration ###-### — same place as last week and pretty much the same behaviour as last week. Bogan boy come tearing backwards out of the space without looking — or maybe he looked but didn’t care. Same sunnies, same fag hanging out the corner of his mouth.

I stop with the front wheel almost up against the driver’s door.

“Thanks for watching where you’re going,” in response he glares at me and sneers. “Yep, fine, have a nice day.” at this he muttered something and gave me the finger, planted his foot and tore off showering us with gravel and rubbish.

At least this time he didn’t drive the wrong way out the one-way entrance.

I wonder if I’ll meet him again next week?

So trivial, and so commonplace — aggressive idiot tries to flatten someone on a bike — if it hadn’t been the exact same guy two weeks in a row I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning it.