Week ending Sunday 2010/03/07

Monday 11:47

has blisters and bruises in the palms of both hands. damn you Ikea, and all your flat-pack brethren [Original.]

Monday 15:10

sees security vulnerability reports on sudoedit and can't help thinking of sudoecho [Original.]

Tuesday 13:16

Evolution in action: "Man dies after consuming 39 drinks" and "Woman dies after ducking under boom gates" [Original.]

Tuesday 19:19

ODS-520, what an appropriately phonetic numberplate for an idiot who tries to ram into bicycle and toddler trailer. 2 weeks in a row ! [Original.]

Tuesday 21:39

Window manager warning: Received a _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE message for 0x520002d (Untitled -); these messages lack timestamps and therefore suck [Original.]

Wednesday 09:11

has a weekly no-progress meeting in 45 minutes [Original.]

Wednesday 09:20

Only four incoming email in 18 hours? suspects Lotus Notes ballsup [Original.]

Wednesday 09:41

I favorited a YouTube video -- OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - RGM version youtu.be/qybUFnY7Y8w?a [Original.]

Wednesday 10:17

convenor of 10:15 meeting won't be in until noon, no-progress meeting no-show [Original.]

Wednesday 13:21

returns from lunchtime bike ride; suggests that cow-orkers who do not look before stepping off curb may get Toyota Prius or bicycle embedded [Original.]

Wednesday 15:04

@ben s/bottom line/butt crack/ [Original, responding to @ben.]

Wednesday 15:48

twitpic.com/16bqqy - My swedish furniture name www.blogadilla.com/swedishFurniture/swedishFurniture.html [Original.]

Thursday 09:15

NSD is running, please wait. (NSD is the only part of lotus notes capable of running, everything else crawls) [Original.]

Thursday 10:52

@dogcow I wanna be a llamma ffarmer too [Original, responding to @dogcow.]

Thursday 14:01

RT meaningless numbers and scaremongering? "@MonashResearch: 14 cyclists injured in spate of accidents - ow.ly/1dYDv" [Original.]