One better than just using Jekyll, today I found a document on Using org to Blog with Jekyll, unfortunately it has a few typos which made getting up to speed with it a pain for me (small amount of knowledge of Jekyll, infinitely small amount of knowledge of Org mode).

The main problems seem to be:

  • writing #_BEGIN_HTML instead of #+BEGIN_HTML
  • not writing #+END_HTML at all

Then I was hit by having an out-of-date copy of org-mode — and consequently it was ignoring the body-only publishing directive in my $HOME/.emacs file, for some reason org-mode was installed on the system, but not in the DPKG database. apt-get install org-mode fixed that and now I’ve got version 6.34c.

So far it looks promising, far-less crufty than the mix of muse-mode and pyblosxom that is my current publishing method.

Macro tests: and 2019-12-201 and 2019-11-29 21:38:21.

Can I get ¼” or € or ™ and a formula \(x=\sqrt{b}\) to display? Yes I can if I upgrade from org-mode 6.34c that is distributed with lucid ubuntu to 6.35i. 2 & 3

If \(a^2=b\) and \(b=2\), then the solution must be either \(a=+\sqrt{2}\) or \(a=-\sqrt{2}\).



1 [2019-11-28 Thu] the ‘date’ macro no longer exists and has been replaced by an equivalent ‘time’ macro.

:ID: 25030dfd-b484-45c5-97d1-57aafb198c33

2 [2017-07-30 Sun] moving from Org mode and jekyll to Org mode and hugo and the equations don’t publish as they should – I’ll fix them when I get a #

3 [2018-09-18 Tue] some minor syntax changes and the equations publish again