Week ending Sunday 2010/04/04

Monday 09:15

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.32-17-generic: power outage [Original.]

Monday 09:31

30 minutes into Monday in the office; cow-orkers, #STFU [Original.]

Monday 09:40

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.32-17-generic: ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu [Original.]

Monday 10:50

starts reading the 2010 operational plan... eyes glaze over by page 4 of bureaucraptic buzz-speak [Original.]

Monday 10:56

the forward-thinking arbitrary noun will be verbed to industry best-practice ongoing gartner modes strategy bingo gibberish [Original.]

Monday 11:36

"A MAN dressed in camouflage used an archery-style bow to fire a steel-tipped hunting arrow'" WTF ELSE WOULD YOU USE, A KAZOO? #heraldsun [Original.]

Monday 14:29

FFS! Maintenance just turned up with paper "You lost power here?". Um, yes, over the weekend, and we GOT IT BACK FIVE HOURS AGO [Original.]

Tuesday 09:09

Arrives at work, "low risk" SAN update has #W#$@#ed ten or more servers [Original.]

Tuesday 15:05

@enyap_ynot Save money on switchless powerpoints, lose money on blown up equipment and service time. C'est la vie [Original, responding to @enyap_ynot.]

Tuesday 16:20

reply-all #fail [Original.]

Tuesday 20:44

ah, smells like burning truck tyres.... a luvverly cup of lapsang souchong [Original.]

Wednesday 09:00

arrives at work, did not find missing tail-light that went AWOL yesterday [Original.]

Wednesday 10:19

Reboots w-cl28-g34-c to Linux 2.6.32-18-generic: ubuntu update [Original.]

Wednesday 15:02

mishearing of the day: La Mirada / Llama ardour [Original.]

Thursday 09:03

@DKLeather coincidence, we watched it on DVD on tuesday. ho-hum and an over the top bottle of rum [Original, responding to @DKLeather.]

Thursday 09:10

receives weather warning email intended for *A*pache *J*unction *F*ire *D*epartment [Original.]

Thursday 09:36

@VictoriaPolice twitpic.com/1c97zs - now if only that got policed the rest of the 364days and 23 3/4 hours of the year [Original, responding to @VictoriaPolice.]

Thursday 18:27

rides home, endless streams of dickheads in cars on phones, @victoriapolice, your #opaegis has zero effect in the 'burbs [Original.]