Week ending Sunday 2010/04/11

Tuesday 15:45

hangs up on indian call centre trying to sell me shit I don't need. #donotcall [Original.]

Tuesday 16:54

repairs a tea-bag for a toddler to play with, starts to doubt own sanity [Original.]

Tuesday 20:11

astounded and annoyed that not even cycling media can sort their pedalling from their peddling #grammar [Original.]

Wednesday 10:14

ubuntu, please sort out your hang on boot ureadahead stuffups. tnx [Original.]

Wednesday 10:16

stares at todo list for far too long; has headache; goes away to find coffee [Original.]

Wednesday 13:06

cuts himself on the bleeding edge. rdup backups from btrfs to ntfs on ubuntu 10.04a3. Ughg no backup [Original.]

Wednesday 16:08

For @ben, although he is far away: "New exoplosion as Russia buries dead" #heraldsun [Original.]

Wednesday 16:57

@enyap_ynot tests newly returned camera on spider [Original, responding to @enyap_ynot.]

Thursday 13:44

There's a hell of a difference between a pissed off diplomat trying to set fire to a shoe and a "shoe bomb" [Original.]

Thursday 16:24

I favorited a YouTube video -- PIXELS youtu.be/rcXtT3rZcqg?a [Original.]

Thursday 16:25

#QOTD We don't need people with good intentions, we need people who know what they're doing. [Original.]

Friday 09:52

I liked a YouTube video -- Waiting (feat. Jay Kauffman) youtu.be/ucf359kf8dQ?a [Original.]

Sunday 21:22

Adjacent newspaper headlines "Mourners gather for Terre'Blanche's funeral" "New hominid species found in South Africa" #cheaplaugh [Original.]